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Wash Aisle Automation

For managers that want to go beyond automating their washers
and dryers, Softrol can provide a fully automated wash aisle
system with Softrol’s AutoPulse System. These systems
include all ancillary equipment such as conveyors, shuttles
and other equipment as required, to fully automate the wash
aisle process. If existing equipment is not equipped with
Softrol’s OEM MicroPulse control systems, interface
controls and software are available to enable automation

Wash aisle safety is a primary concern to plant management
and production workers. Softrol can provide safety systems for
any wash aisle to automatically shut down the wash aisle for the
safety of production workers.

Typical equipment networked with an AutoPulse System:

  • Loading systems
  • Washer-extractors
  • Chemical injections systems
  • Dryers
  • Shuttles
  • Loading systems
  • Conveyors
  • Front office computers
  • Requires only one supervisory operator 
  • Eliminates all manual labor within the system
  • Uses ArcNet or Ethernet communication
  • Captures production data automatically
  • Can be interfaced with Softrol or non-Softrol control systems 


  • Reduces labor costs
  • Provides extensive process control and material handling
  • Increases throughput and higher equipment efficiency
  • Provides fully documented production reports by batch
  • Provides summary reports for critical management information

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