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Material Handling

Material handling systems in a wet process operation fall into a number of categories, including loading conveyors, clean and soil sling systems, transport shuttles, and conveyors for clean uniforms on hangers. All such systems significantly reduce the manual labor required in a laundry and improve the end-quality of processes. Both factors are important in saving operational costs and ensuring happy customers.

Softrol’s MicroPulse Controllers enable incorporation of individual conveyors into the fully automated AutoPulse and SoftSort systems. However, standalone material handling controllers continue to provide the benefits of better quality, transport automation, and production tracking.

Softrol can install MicroPulse Controllers with user-friendly interfaces on manual sling systems, belt conveyors, shuttles, and garment conveyors. In addition to the ease of operation of the MicroPulse, its modular design eliminates costly repairs found in PLC-based systems.