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Wet and Dry Process

Washer and dryer processing is at the very heart of laundry plant operations. These processes consume the most energy and consumable materials in converting soiled laundry to clean laundry. Softrol’s MicroPulse product line is designed to control washers and dryers for the optimum combination of energy usage, water consumption, chemical consumption, and cleaning. Advanced programming capability allows precise control of every step in the process. Both washer and dryer controls are available as a machine retrofit or as a standard control on new machinery from one of Softrol’s OEMs.


  • Water additions by volume or level
  • Ratiometric control of chemicals to water volume
  • Up to 128 formulas
  • Built in diagnostic routines
  • Up to 30 automatic signals for liquid chemical injection systems
  • Operator alarms for equipment malfunction


  • Humidity sensing and control
  • Inlet/outlet temperature monitoring and control
  • Programmable algorithms to control load dryness
  • Built in diagnostic routines
  • Operator alarms for equipment malfunction


  • Reduces utilities consumption
  • Reduces processing time
  • Increases equipment life
  • Increases quality

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