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Labor Management / Production Reporting

PPS – Softrol’s PulseNet Production System - is an automated production management system that collects, calculates, summarizes and reports real-time production information.

Production information is obtained from PPS multi-function workstation modules that are easily installed at any workstation throughout the plant. Softrol’s SmartCard allows employees to log in to their workstations at the specified PPS module.

The PPS modules are networked and continuously monitor production. Real-time production information is displayed to operators and supervisors on large message centers in the plant and in the office.

PPS is your window into your production system. When production is visible, everyone becomes more productive and efficient. PPS is field proven to help you get the most out of your facility and your staff.

  • Automates work measurement
  • Eliminates manual data collection & paperwork
  • Works with all equipment and/or processes
  • Collects real time production information at each workstation
  • Compares actual production data to production goals
  • Real time operator feedback
  • Real time management reporting
  • Instantly recognizes bottlenecks that would otherwise go undetected
  • Plant message centers display real time production data for operators and management
  • Reports data by employee, item type, customer, and machine
  • Many automated management reports
  • Data is web-based and available in the office or off-site


  • Increases labor efficiency
  • Reduces labor costs 5% - 10% minimum
  • Increases profits
  • Can pay back in less than one year
  • Motivates & empowers operators and management
  • And more...

PPS is easy to install, easy to use and easy to pay for – because it pays for itself in many cases in less than one year!

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