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Meritex LLC – Subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide

Labor Management/Production Reporting

A Softrol PulseNet Production System (PPS) saves Meritex over $200,000 in the first year for less than one year payback.


Meritex is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide providing laundry and linen services to Hilton properties in both New York and New Jersey. The laundry processes forty (40) million pounds of linen per year.
Meritex employs 120 full time production laundry workers, all of whom are eligible for a “per piece” bonus based on exceeding the hourly production requirements in various departments within the plant. The departments include soiled sort, sheets, towels, table linen and small pieces. Production supervisors were responsible for collecting hourly output of each employee and recording data onto production log sheets. This data was then entered into a worksheet prior to being entered into the payroll system.


· Reduce the need for manual collection and entry of data
· Improve accuracy of data collection
· Allow employees to be re-assigned to various workstations within the plant and ensure credit for production is tracked
· Reduce administrative task of entering production data into computer systems
· Monitor machine maintenance and repair and downtime
· Monitor janitorial employees’ daily tasks


Graham Ward, General Manager - Meritex says, “Since installing the Softrol PPS, we have realized annually savings of over $200,000 per year in supervisor expenses, improved the accuracy of our hourly production data and eliminated the need for multiple spreadsheets and data entry. The system has allowed us to closely monitor machine downtime and maximize maintenance employee efficiency. The message centers are a valuable tool for our employees to be able to monitor their own productivity.”


Softrol installed a PulseNet Production System (PPS), which includes operator workstations, plant monitors, application software and PC for the supervisors in the production office. The system provides monitoring of the equipment and operator efficiency in real time. Meritex customized and integrated the system with the payroll system to track incentive pay by individual operator and by the finishing teams. This improved the productivity of the supervisors and reduced administrative support for incentive tracking.