New Look. New Commitment.

Our commitment to providing innovative solutions is reflected in our new branding identity. You'll see more of our new logo in the coming months as we roll out new products and services, along with an updated website packed with information about our Total Plant Management program and ways you can improve your plant operations.

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Total Plant Management from Sort to Finish

If you want to improve plant efficiency and productivity check out Softrol's Total Plant Management, a complete line of innovative products including chemical, rail, management, sortation and control systems.

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Do You Want to Improve Wash Aisle Efficiency?

Take better control of water, gas, and chemical usage. Automate processes that typically require significant manual labor. Improve efficiency, and thus overall profitability, with the automation products from Softrol Systems Inc.

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Do You Want to Improve Labor Productivity?

See how improved productivity can reduce labor cost by over 10% in your operation. Softrol can assist in measuring and monitoring your direct labor PRODUCTIVE versus NONPRODUCTIVE time. Take CORRECTIVE ACTION to manage and control regular hours, overtime hours and total FTEs!

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Do You Want to Control Utility Costs?

Softrol washer and dryer controls will automate your wash aisle to optimize the water and gas usage in your plant. See how Softrol technology can assist your plant in reducing dryer gas usage over 10% with MicroPulse dryer algorithms. Reduce washer water usage over 15% with our ratiometric washer control.

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Do You Want to Bring New Life to Old Equipment?

Softrol can retrofit your existing washers or dryers with MicroPulse controls that will bring significant savings to energy, water, chemical usage, and cleaning. No need to buy new equipment to realize these savings!

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Learn About Softrol

Softrol serves the textile rental laundry and textile manufacturing industries with solutions designed to increase plant productivity, lower operating costs and reduce energy consumption.

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Recent News

Introducing the SmartStation: intelligence at your fingertips
See the new SmartStation in Vegas at CSC 2014 - Booth 117.
March 6

On the Road in 2014
Softrol will be attending several events in 2014. Be sure to look us up if you’re at any of these meetings.
January 31

Experience You Can Count On
This month we are celebrating the service anniversaries of several key Softrol staff members.
January 24


Softrol’s MicroPulse product line is designed to control washers, dryers, and material handling for the optimum combination of energy usage, water consumption, chemical consumption, and cleaning.

Success Stories
Wet and Dry Process
Material Handling


Reduce labor, improve consistency, and increase quality with Softrol’s state-of-the-art automation systems. Products are available for handling soiled goods, automating the wash process, and sorting clean items – the most labor-intense operations in your plant.

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Wash Aisle Automation
Chemical Dispensing Systems
Information & Reporting


Use Softrol technology to integrate the silos of equipment, production and labor data into valuable, real-time useable information.

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Labor Management/Production Reporting
Autosortation Misconceptions