TITLE : Product Engineer

REPORTS TO: Manager – Product Engineering

Principal Objective: The principal objective of this position is to develop and document all manufactured product lines of Softrol Systems. This includes the following activities:

  • Documenting all manufacturing aspects of the Softrol product lines including bill of materials, production methods, testing procedures, schematics, tooling, and machine programs.
  • Documenting all installation aspects of the Softrol product lines including installation and project bill of materials, schematics, support, layout, and utility requirements.
  • Designing new products and product improvements at the direction of the Manager – Product Engineering.
  • Incorporating into the design of all manufactured product lines relevant feedback regarding the components, manufacture, testing, quality, function, and installation of the products.
  • Maintaining an Engineering Change Request and Notification system for all product changes.
  • Maintaining a Product Directory on the company computer server with all pertinent engineering documents organized by product.
  • Specifying and cross referencing all materials and components used in the manufacture of Softrol’s product lines for purchasing.
  • Supporting the Sales and Marketing Department with plant layout approval and CAD services for projects requiring layout drawings.
  • Assist in finding suppliers and materials at competitive prices.

Competencies: (List specific technical/business/behavioral/communication skills required to fulfill the requirements of this position)

  • Appreciates collaborative efforts and working in a team environment.
  • Is knowledgeable in the mechanical design of fluid and material handling systems.
  • Is knowledgeable in the electrical design of power distribution, motors, sensors, and industrial control.
  • Is knowledgeable in the production methods of a shop floor and electrical panel room.
  • Develops respectful relationships with employees at all levels to earn their respect as a senior manager of the company.
  • Thinks in a clear, decisive manner; remains calm under adverse conditions and reaches independent reasoned solutions when required.
  • Sets priorities based upon lead times and required sequencing of events.
  • Works pro-actively with sales and production to meet schedules and provide information where needed.
  • Communicates effectively.

To apply for this job, submit your resume and cover letter to: careers@softrol.com

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