Gildan Activewear – Choloma, Honduras

Chemical Dispensing Systems

Softrol provides ChemPulse chemical injection systems for world’s largest sock production facilities.


Gildan Activewear, well-known for their t-shirt business, enters the hosiery market and requires automated systems for injecting processing chemicals to conventional open-pocket dye machines and bleaching tunnels.


For their state-of-the-art, high-volume production facilities, Gildan needed reliable automatic chemical injection systems to improve safety and eliminate operator handling, but also to interface to the tracking software utilized by the company.


Softrol originally installed the Rio Nance facility in 2006. Equipment was included to deliver 13 chemicals to eight dye machines and to supply chemicals to a tunnel bleaching range. This equipment was expanded in 2009 to include another eight machines. The Rio Nance plant was duplicated by Gildan in 2010, and Softrol provided additional chemical injection systems for the new facility. All systems receive chemical requests via a special database interface created by Softrol with the plants’ production tracking software.

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