Softrol Implements Semi-Automated Garment Sortation with Directed Sort System


Softrol implements semi-automatic garment sortation with the Directed Sort system.

Softrol brings the power of their fully automatic SoftSort garment sortation system software to manual operations.

November 1, 2008 – San Antonio, TX, and Atlanta, GA – Softrol implements the Directed Sort system in two facilities, improving the efficiency of operators working on manual sort hardware and advancing information and tracking for the sort process. Softrol has applied the SoftSort Linear Sort Module and Rail Manager – the software packages that typically communicate with SoftSort controllers – to plants with manual sort hardware and bar coded garments. These programs provide feedback to manage operators on graduated hook and slick rail systems. The number of operators dedicated to sorting is reduced, sorting accuracy is improved, and data is available for tracking individual pieces, monitoring sorting throughput, and controlling inventory.


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