Softrol Systems Now Offers Sort-On-Rail Overhead Monorail Systems To Textile Rental Industry

Softrol Systems, Inc. has acquired certain assets of Maple Lake, MN based QI Systems, Inc. QI Systems manufactured and installed various types of material handling systems, including sort-on-rail, overhead monorail storage and conveying systems, garment sorting systems and overhead trolley based garment storage and handling systems. Softrol and QI had partnered in recent years to further develop and market highly automated versions of these same systems using Softrol’s industry proven control and software systems. The resultant automation capability is unsurpassed within the textile rental, healthcare and garment manufacturing industries.

Bruce Then, QI Systems President and Founder, is also joining Softrol as a Field Installation Manager, and Tim Then who was QI Systems primary designer is also joining Softrol in the capacity of Design Manager to continue the ongoing product line design work as required. The continuity provided by these two principals of QI brings many years of experience to Softrol, and they are invaluable to the new product lines that Softrol will now be offering in the marketplace. Softrol will be announcing new mechanical and control capabilities that will be incorporated into the “Evolution” automated round rail product line for both soiled and clean textiles.

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