Catalyst LTLF Tunnel

Precise. Efficient. Reliable:
Softrol’s Catalyst LTLF Tunnel System

The Catalyst Tunnel LT systems use proprietary flow metering technology and provide computer supervised flow rate and volume verification. The systems will alert personnel to any process failures or maintenance requirements. For the bottom line, the Catalyst systems provide increased process control, higher quality, and lower operating costs.

Ideal for small markets or the healthcare laundry, the Catalyst LTLF Tunnel is an economical dispenser for tunnel systems. The LTLF Tunnel is designed for medium to low volume plants with medium to light soil processing. This system can deliver up to 12 chemicals to 4 modules and offers as many as 4 simultaneous injections.

The Catalyst LTLF Tunnel: small footprint with big results

The unique Softrol Catalyst Tunnel System design allows each continuous batch washer module requiring chemicals to be matched with its own chemical manifold. Each chemical manifold has a built-in flowmeter and flush pump to ensure quick chemical injections with precise volumetric accuracy. This design allows simultaneous injection of chemicals to four washer modules.

Ideal for smaller facilities, the LTLF Tunnel system has a maximum delivery distance of 100 feet and comes with an integrated tunnel control interface.

This highly automated system includes Softrol Chemical Injection software to provide user defined formula programming and process reporting. The tunnel control interface is integrated in the dispensing unit. Calibration and backflush features are provided with manual valve operation for easy maintenance of the system.


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