The Catalyst Classic System

catalyst-classicThe Catalyst Classic System: Precise. Efficient. Reliable

The Catalyst systems offer proprietary flow metering technology and provide computer supervised flow rate and volume verification. For the bottom line, the Catalyst systems provide increased process control, higher quality, and lower operating costs.

The Classic System is a multiple pump system for high volume, heavy soil processing. Individual chemical pumps help disperse the pumping load in high production plants across multiple pumps for less wear and tear. The system is available as a redundant unit to allow backup and load sharing between two units for those plants who need uninterrupted chemical delivery or minimal machine queue time.

The Classic: setting the industry standard

The Catalyst Classic System is the industry standard for effectively automating the delivery of up to sixteen (16) chemicals to a maximum of twentyfour (24) washers.

This highly automated system includes Softrol Catalyst software for formula programming and process reporting. All functions of this unit are automated including operation of calibration valves and a back-flush valve for easy maintenance of the system.


Download the Catalyst Classic System Brochure




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