The Classic Tunnel & Stand

Precise. Efficient. Reliable:
Softrol’s Catalyst Classic Tunnel System

Catalyst Classic Tunnel systems use proprietary flow metering technology and provide computer supervised flow rate and volume verification. The systems will alert personnel to any process failures or maintenance requirements. For the bottom line, the Catalyst systems provide increased process control, higher quality, and lower operating costs.

The Catalyst Classic Tunnel system is designed for high volume, heavy soil batch processing with high volume flow rates for heavy chemical dosing. Up to 16 chemicals can be metered into 8 different injection points. A separate pump stand is available for plants with challenging chemical delivery environments due to space limitations or plant layout.

The Classic Tunnel: strength and efficiency

The Catalyst Tunnel System has the capability to simultaneously deliver up to sixteen (16) chemicals to eight (8) individual modules of a continuous batch washer.

The unique Softrol Catalyst Tunnel System design allows each continuous batch washer module requiring chemicals to be matched with its own chemical manifold. Each chemical manifold has a built-in flow meter and flush pump to ensure quick chemical injections with precise volumetric accuracy. This design allows simultaneous injection of chemicals to separate continuous batch washer modules.

A separate pump stand can be specified with the Classic Tunnel System to reduce pumping distance. Softrol-designed tunnel interface hardware and Catalyst software are provided with each system, for user-defined programming, data collection, and report generation.


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