Superior Linen Service – Tacoma, WA

Labor Management/Production Reporting

Labor savings from Softrol’s PPS system for Superior Linen has a payback of less than one year!


Superior Linen Service determined that there were a number of inefficiencies in their facility, particularly in the linen processing department. Through connections and networking within their various cost group memberships, Superior learned of the potential improvements that could be achieved with Softrol’s PPS.


The main goal for system implementation was the identification of deficient processes, equipment, and personnel. Identification would enable changes that could improve profitability.


Softrol installed PPS in the dry fold, tunnel, and ironing departments at Superior Linen Service in April of 2008. After just four months of operation, it was determined that the benefits obtained from the system would result in a payback of less than one year.

Greg Hersey, Plant Mgr of Superior Linen Service, says, “I am happy to say that the production operations have shown improvement past any expectations I had when I first entered in to this process and as the months go on it just keeps getting better.”

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